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Foot Pain 

Plantar Fasciopathy

Plantar Fasciopathy (often called plantar fasciitis) is an inflammation and thickening of the connective tissue under your foot. This condition is charactered by pain in the middle/under the foot which is worse following a period of rest to activity. The connective tissue is a passive stabiliser of the foot and is responsible for a portion of the stability of the foots arches. Plantar Fasciopathy arises when there is an increase in stressors to the foot, normally due to weakness, chronic biomechanical alterations and weight. Treatment for this condition is more focused on correcting biomechanics and lifestyle to decrease stress on your fascia. Your physiotherapist will prescribe a strengthening and stretching program to assist with this. Plantar Fasciopathy despite this can sometime last for an extended period of time.


Osteoarthritis is a degenerative process that occurs in the joints. It can lead to pain and stiffness. Physiotherapy can help to reduce this stiffness and associated muscle tightness, reducing your pain.


Lisfranc Injury

The Lisfranc complex refers to the base of the big toe, and the 2nd/3rd toe and where they attach at the middle of the foot. This complex relies heavily on ligamentous support and is inherently stable. Injuries to this area can be quite debilitating leading to instability of the foot.  Injuries are sustained when through toes are pointed at the ground and a force is applied through the middle of the foot. This can be a tackle in a contact sport from behind or a car crash. Treatment for this is initially graded exposure to weight bearing with a moonboot and strengthening. Occasionally this injury requires surgery to stabilise the foot, followed by intensive physiotherapy. Physiotherapy will aim to decrease pain and swelling, increase range of motion and strengthen the foot and stabilising muscles.


Turf Toe

This condition is an injury to the underside of the toe and is usually related to sports. Turf toe is when the ligaments under the toe are torn leading to pain when the big toe is raised towards your head. Treatment, dependant on severity, aims to decrease stress on the ligaments and swelling and pain management initially. Taping is used to decrease stress during day to day activities and during return to sport. Local control of the toe and foot are very important following this.

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