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At Free Movement Physio, we understand that your little ones and their health are the priority. 

Our paediatric clinic focuses on play based therapy and our physios provide only the safest, gentle hands on and exercise based treatment. Some of the common conditions we assess and treat in kids include:


Developmental Delay

Some kids have a harder time with their walking, running, balance and coordination. Our physios can provide a thorough assessment and deliver a play based therapy program to target the specific goals you and your child have. 

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Many kids with ASD have reduced postural control, lower muscle tone and poorer balance and coordination. This can affect their energy and concentration, their ability to play with others and how they engage in learning. Our physios can work together with you and your child to implement an exercise program that targets areas of concern and improves their ability to engage in play and learning.

Gait Abnormalities

Your child may walk in a way that looks a little different. Some kids are toe walkers, others might be 'pigeon toed' walking with their feet facing inwards. If your child has an abnormal gait pattern, it can sometimes result in joint pain, trips and falls. Changes in gait pattern can be a result of sensory aversion, poor control around the bottom and core muscles or even torsion in the bones of the feet, shin or thighs. A physio can assess your child's gait and provide play based therapy to address the cause. 


If your child has excessive or abnormal curves in their spine, they may develop stiffness, muscle tightness, pain and reduced respiratory function. Monitoring and treatment of scoliosis is especially important as kids hit their growth spurt, where the rapid growth can cause worsening of the spinal curves and deformity. Our physios are able to provide gentle manual therapy and exercise prescription to reduce pain and stiffness, as well as refer on to specialists if appropriate. 


Rheumatoid Arthritis

Juvenile Arthritis is an autoimmune disorder causing inflammation, swelling and pain in the joints that affects children and teenagers. It may affect a few specific joints or be widespread, and can come and go in bouts.

Early intervention is important to slow down inflammation, prevent joint damage and reduce long term health effects. Alongside medical interventions, physiotherapy plays an important role in maintaining balance, strength, load management and promoting function.

Orthopaedics, Muscle and Joint Disorders

Kids bones and muscles are different to adults, so they have their own unique list of injuries and disorders they can develop.

Some of the common ones we see are hypermobility disorders (increased flexibility), Osgood Schlatter's disorder, Severs disorder, Scheuermanns disease, sprained ankles, knee injuries such as ACL tears, complex regional pain syndrome, chronic back pain and postural related disorders that can lead to neck and upper back pain. 

Mitchell and Katrina are both experienced in musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and additionally trained in paediatric conditions. 

Book an appointment for your child today at our Babies and Kids Clinic.

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